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{September 26, 2006}   Snow White in a Nutshell

After surviving an attempt on her life, ordered by her stepmother, a teenage girl is forced into servitude by a band of outcast dwarves before finally being murdered by said stepmother and subsequently violated by some random prince.

{September 5, 2006}   What happened to Marvin?

UPDATE 7/8/12–

Six years after I posted this it is still getting regular traffic and comments. The post now has almost 2000 comments. To make it easier on everyone. I have set up a forum to discuss television shopping. Please consider discussing this post and other television shopping related stuff there.



I’ve been a Gem Shopping Network junky for years. I don’t exactly buy a lot of stuff from them (but I have bought some stuff and have always been satisfied), I just really enjoy watching. Seeing all that pretty jewely spinning around in circles can make a girl very happy. By far my favorite Gem Shopping host has always been Marvin (a.k.a. Starvin Marvin!).

A few weeks ago I realized Marvin wasn’t on at his regular time. I recalled that a couple of years ago I had paniced at a similar incident only to realize Marvin was on vacation. So, I decided Marvin was just on vacation, again. Then another week went by, still no Marvin. And then another week. Things were looking grim. Then my heart broke this weekend when I saw what I believe is definitive evidince that Marvin is not coming back.

Gem Shopping has a new ad that features a variety of their hosts. Everyone is there; Gladys, Sue, Sam, The New Gay Guy, Rebecca, That Old Guy, That One Guy’s Son, That One Guy, Ben Kho, everyone. Everyone except Marvin. Marvin is a staple of Gem Shopping. There is no way that they would not have included him in the ad if he were still with the network.

I’m devistated. I can’t believe Marvin is off my TV. How could this happen?

Somewhere inside I feel like this is some kind of cosmic slap in the face. Like, this is what I get for bitching about Steve for all those years and saying how much I wanted him gone and then rejoicing a couple months ago at the realization he was finally gone. Does this mean the universe is in balance now? My most hated host and most favorite host both leaving?

I really have very little reason to watch Gem Shopping now. Of course, Sam and Sue’s shows are still amazing; although, I’ve always hoped in my heart that Sue would get back on with Marvin co-hosting. The New Gay Guy seems cool, but he’s no Marvin. I guess I’ll still watch Sue and Sam, but I’ll always miss Marvin.

I can only hope that Marvin left of his own volition and it was because he is taking all his well-earned Gem Shopping millions and retiring young; heading back to Brazil with his family and buying a cute little house on the shore of Ipanema and sipping frozen cocktails all day and enjoying the rest of his days in lazy comfort.

Marvin, if you’re out there, you are missed. Good luck in your future endevours.

UPDATE 4-2-07

Actually, I should have been writing this update months ago, I don’t know why I didn’t think about it.

I wrote the original post on September 5th, 2006 (a day before my birthday, in fact).  I was surprised by how quickly people reacted to it.  I continue to be surprised by how many people come here months later in search of Marvin.

If you are trying to find out what happened to Marvin, look no further.  We found him!  Marvin has moved to AVC.  It airs on DirecTV on channel 224 and Dish Network on channel 216.  There is also continuing discussion of Marvin, AVC and Gem Shopping Network here.  You can find out when AVC is on air at their website

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